Bhutan open for tourist

On September 23, 2022, Bhutan reopened its borders to the outside world and welcomed visitors from around the world who had been away for more than two years.

Bhutan has everything you're looking for in an adventure: remote monasteries, high elevations, a rich culture, and spicy prepared food. 

People live in harmony and keep their cultural traditions alive in Bhutan, where high-altitude peaks are off-limits to climbers, and Gross National Happiness is valued more highly than Gross National Product.

So, if you're considering visiting this exotic travel destination known for its stunning architecture, here are eight reasons you should!

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1. Carbon-Negative Country

                                                             Only carbon-negative country in the world

Bhutan is an environmentally conscious country, with the law requiring that forests cover at least 60% of the country, a figure that has remained constant at 70%.

As a result, Bhutan is the only carbon-negative country in the world. This means that more CO2 is absorbed than produced.

Bhutan is mostly made up of protected areas, with Manas and Jigme Dorji National Parks being excellent examples of forests with amazing flora and fauna for your Bhutan trip.

Bhutan’s dense forests, situated at the base of the magnificent Himalayas, offer a wonderful experience for anyone who loves the outdoors.

2. Tour of Jigme Dorji National Park

                                                                            Second-largest national park

Jigme Dorji National Park is 4,316 square kilometers and contains most of Thimphu, Punakha, Wangdue Phodrang, and Paro. The park is Bhutan's second-largest national park. 

It allows you to observe lovely plants and animals thriving in their natural habitat.

In their natural environment, they observe animals like snow leopards, antelope, tigers, black bears, blue sheep, pandas, and more. 

Along with animals and birds, the flora is active in this area. The many plants here include blue poppies, azaleas, and orchids.

Jigme Dorji National Park is best explored on foot in two to three hours. You will pass through a stand of dense green cypress on your amazing Bhutan trip.

3. The Snowman Trek

                                                           Try snowman trek on your Bhutan trip

The snowman trek is "the toughest trek in the world." 

This trail will take you through valleys, azalea forests, pastures, orchards, and alpine meadows, as well as stunning waterfalls and lakes.

View animals like blue sheep, yaks, and griffins in their natural habitat. There are 11 gates along the way, four longer than 5,000 meters (16,000 feet).

It is only attempted by a small number of trekkers each season and leads to Lunana, the most isolated part of Bhutan. Ten high passes with a height of 4,500 meters that separate Bhutan from Tibet are traversed on the trek. 

As you prepare for your trek to Lunana, follow trails through yak herder encampments and remote farming settlements, enjoying views of Jomolhari and Jichu Drake on your Bhutan trip.

4. Happiness Is a Place

                                                                         Gross National Happiness

Bhutan is the only country in the world that prioritizes happiness over GDP, as evidenced by the country prioritizing Gross National Happiness (GNH) over GDP.

Bhutan's king and administration care greatly to guarantee that its citizens lead happy and fulfilling lives. 

Spiritual principles influence how well people live. With its massive fortress designs, iron and wood entrances, trumpet-shaped roofs, and internal courtyards, Dzong-style architecture symbolizes spiritual values. 

Explore Bhutan's stunning dzongs, where you can find spiritual peace on your Bhutan trip.

5. Explore Magnificence Punakha Dzong

                                                        Explore Punakha Dzong on your Bhutan trip

Punakha Dzong, also known as "The palace of great happiness and bliss" is a fortress that stands where the Mo Chhu and Po Chhu rivers meet. It is regarded as Bhutan's most exquisite fortress. 

The dzong is the kingdom's second-oldest and largest dzong. Until 1907, it also served as the location of the federal government.

Currently, it serves as the winter residence of the central monastic body. The lilac and red monks who wander the courtyard picturesquely can be seen through the white walls of the dzong. 

The stunning and vibrant murals painted on the interior walls provide information about the background and philosophical principles of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Location: Punakha Dzong is in Punakha Valley, a 5-hour drive from Paro or a 4-hour drive from Thimphu. 

Travel information: Photography inside Punakha Dzong and other monasteries are prohibited.

6. Visit Bhutan's Largest Fortress

                                                                Visit Bhutan's largest fortress on your Bhutan trip

Trongsa Dzong, the country's largest fortress, is situated in the center of Bhutan. It has long served as the official seat of religious authority and the key to kingdom administration.

With more than 200 monks, this complex is also a monastery. In addition to the dzong's striking presence, Trongsa town offers picturesque trails that allow visitors to enjoy the mountainous views.

You can also visit the Trongsa watchtower, which houses royal artifacts and artwork from Bhutan's past.

Location: Trongsa is a 6-hour drive from Paro and a 5-hour drive from Thimphu.

Travel information: As dzongs are religious places, you must follow a proper dress code. It is recommended to wear clothing that fully covers your arms and legs.

7. Try Flavourful Bhutanese Cuisine

                                                   Dont forget to try Ema Datshi on your Bhutan trip

The most well-known Bhutanese dish is Ema datshi, a dish made with hot chilies and finished with a delicious cheese sauce. 

If you are craving protein-filled Bhutanese delicacies, you can try shakam paa, dried beef prepared with radish and—you guessed it—chilies.

Momos are available everywhere in Bhutan if you enjoy dumplings. These meat, cheese, or vegetable-filled snacks, fried or steamed inside flour dough, are best enjoyed with chili sauce on your Bhutan trip.

8. Visit Offbeat Eastern Bhutan

                                                                    Visit Local festivals on your Bhutan Trip

Most visitors arrive in Paro by direct flight, then travel to Thimpu or Punaka before returning to Paro. 

If you want to experience Bhutan as it truly is, eastern Bhutan has a lot to offer, from nature preserves to rice fields. You can take a direct flight to eastern Bhutan from Paro to Bumthang before traveling by road.

In contrast to the touristy festivals in and around Paro, local festivals in areas like Trashigang and Mongar will offer an authentic experience of the local culture.

Concluding Thoughts

In a world that is always on the go, Bhutan provides sanctuary. 

Here, you can find earthly pleasures: archery and age-old crafts, dishes of homemade cheese and fearsomely hot chilies, breathtaking treks, and restorative hot-stone baths.

There isn't just one Bhutan to discover on your Bhutan trip; there are many. From storied cities to soaring mountains, the door to the Kingdom is again open to old and new friends.

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